CNC Bending and Finishing 




LVD EasyForm press brake  

Laser cut profiles are folded on our LVD press brakes, handling material up to 3 metres in length and producing 135 tonnes in force. These top of the range CNC press brakes have fast cycle times, produce high quality bends and with the use of CADMAN®-B 3D software, it integrates perfectly into our sheet metal production.



Folded sample  

 The performance of a press brake does not solely depend on the quality and performance of the machine itself, but also on the quality of the tools used. Microkerf use a comprehensive range of Willa style self-centre tooling, enabling us to produce deep bends, z-bends, safety edges, large and small radii. When using LVD’s EASY-FORM® we get the perfect bend first and every time, independent of changes in the material or set-up.  



 Pemserter 2000 machine  

 The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® fastener installation press is designed to reliably, accurately and quickly install a wide variety of self-clinching fasteners.

The Series 2000 press is a fully automatic system, that utilizes a programmable logic controller and a menu- driven touch screen, operator-interfacing system. Touch screens allow for quick-run-set-up, easy operator training, and precise fastener installation setups. The touch screen allows the operator to instantly adjust installation variables like dwell time and installation force. 

Dependable, accurate, and safe, at 1.2 seconds per fastener installation, the Series 2000 sets the pace for all other fastener installation presses. This unique fastener installation system increases through-put, reduces cost with scrap-free operations.



PEM® fasteners catalogue PEM

PEM® brand fasteners utilize self-clinching, broaching, flaring, surface mount, or weld technology to provide strong, reusable, and permanent threads and mounting points in thin sheetmetal or P.C. board materials. 

Types include nuts, studs, pins, panel fasteners, standoffs, right angle fasteners and wire management hardware. 

PEM fasteners are available in many variations. Selections include free-running and, self-locking threads, floating threads, concealed head, flush, miniature, non threaded and blind fasteners. Metric, unified and MIL standard threads are available.

Fastener materials include carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium to satisfy a wide range of applications. 



Bead blast machine  

Using dryblast techniques, even complicated shapes and sensitive materials can be efficiently cleaned without substrate erosion or dimensional change.  Bead blasting quickly removes heat scale, surface discoloration, oxides, rust, weld scale or corrosion. It restores a component's looks and removes surface problems that interfere with painting, plating, coating, drawing and other processes.