Laser Drilling

Our drilling lasers

Microkerf's range of drilling lasers includes solid state lasers with near Gaussian beam intensity profiles enabling them to produce tiny holes. Combining the high peak power and high energy per pulse means that thin and thick hard materials are drilled with ease. The laser drilling process is often chosen based on economic factors due to the speed of producing holes. The prices are typically less than spark erosion or conventional drilling. The laser-drilled parts are cleaned in-house enabling Microkerf to supply finished parts to our clients.   JK704 laser 

Percussion holes

Round holes are produced at a high level of productivity. Holes from 10 microns to 0.4mm diameter can be produced. Single hole apertures to parts with hundreds of thousands of holes are produced on our machines.   Percussion drilled holes

Trepanned holes

Profile cutting the hole is known as trepanning. Shaped holes, precise holes and large diameter holes are produced using this technique. From single hole apertures to parts with tens of thousands of holes are produced on our machines.   Trepanned holes

Through-hole flow measurement

Small laser-drilled holes are routinely measured using pin gauges and the shadow graph but both methods have limitations as holes have a trumpet - shaped section profile. Alternatively, when the application is flow based e.g. a nozzle, we can inspect the flow after laser drilling using a Uson Qualitek 622.    Qualitek 622