Laser Marking and Engraving



Our in-house Hahn & Kolb 65 watt Nd:YAG laser marking system provides a service utilising the virtues of laser technology. Batch quantities of 1 or 2 to several thousand with a turnround commensurate with the quantity and complexity but in many cases it is 1 to 3 days.   Hahn Kolb 65watt Nd:YAG system

Alphanumeric processing 

We can replicate all standard Adobe font styles, and also have special single stroke fonts which allow for very high speed marking.   Alphanumeric processing

Barcodes and 2D matrices 

All our lasers have multiple barcode formats including 3 of 9 and interleaved 2 of 5. Our 2D matrix codes conform to ECC200 or below.   Barcodes

 Graphical Images and Logos

We have in-house facilities to convert most graphical formats, or even re-create from paper drawings. Formats we can use include CorelDraw (CDR), Adobe Illustrator (AI), HPGL (PLT) DXF etc.   Images and Logos

Scales and Graduations 

Tools are available to cater for repetitive tasks such as marking multiple jigged products , or for quickly and accurately creating the divisions of a scale.   Scales

Sequential Marking 

The flexibility of the operating software means that we can automatically serialise mark data. This ability means there are no additional costs.   Sequential marking

Conventional Engraving 

Deep engraving just gives that extra 3D effect with a higher level of permanence and feel. Coloured paint can be added to the engraving for improved visual impact.   Conventional engraving